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The current release is 0.1.4 and is available on the release page for the project.


CVS is a powerful tool for tracking changes in source code. The CVS repository always has the latest code available for audiotransform. This comes with the latest features and bug-fixes as well as the latest bugs. The developers try to make sure that CVS will always compile but even this is not guaranteed. If you wish to develop audiotransform or live on the cutting-edge then CVS may be for you. If you think it is, you should also join the mailing devel mailing list which is available from the sourceforge project page.

To use CVS follow these instructions.

Step 1 -- Check out the source

Run the following commands in a directory which you have write access to.

cvs -d '' login
(Hit enter for the password)
cvs -z3 -d '' co -P audiotransform

You should see it listing all the source files.

Step 2 -- Build the source

Once you've checked out the source code, run the following commands:

cd audiotransform

If you see any errors here, you haven't installed everything you need. Otherwise run the following commands to finish building the audiotransform from source.

(as root)
gmake install

Step 3 -- Update audiotransform

When there have been changes to the CVS repository, you will probably want to get them but don't download the whole source base again, use the update command instead.

From the audiotransform directory run the following commands.

cvs update -d
gmake install

The update will merge all the changes into the current files. Gmake will then rebuild and re-install audiotransform. Logo