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Audiotransform Status Update [October 3, 2003]

Not much has happened in cvs in the last three weeks or so. But fear not, work has continued. I took a short break and stepped back from the project to contemplate where it stands its flaws and the direction it will go.

A number of changes will take place before the next release of audiotransform and I appoligize for the delay. I know that the motto is release early and often but I like to release stuff that works too.

Audiotransform 0.1.4 stable release [August 15, 2003]

This is the first stable release and sports a number of new features although not completely mature, it is getting closer. Audiotransform now has full support for WAV, AU and AIFF files through Sox and/or libsndfile. Including reading and writing with different encodings such as [signed linear, unsigned linear, GSM, ADPCM, IMA ADPCM, MS ADPCM, A-law, U-law and more!!!]. This release also has a ton of bug fixes and supports drag and drop for ease of use.

This program depends heavily on you. I would love to hear that you are using the program and more importantly, I would love to know about any bugs that you can find or features that you would like to see in 0.1.5. I know I am excited about adding support for mp3 and ogg in 0.1.5. But please, tell me what you think!

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